Current Beers

Buy our beers in packs of six delivered to any door in Switzerland. Otherwise, contact us for free pick-up from Lausanne, Aigle, or Nyon station. Select a beer for more information.


Rica Tipa

CHF 3 - 330 mL

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Our beer is avaliable at special prices in bulk for events.

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Brewing systems

We developed our full-grain electric brewing systems from scratch to operate out of any kitchen. Our aim is to provide systems powerful and small enough to allow you to brew in the evening after work. Get brewing!


Coming soon! Select for more details.



Challenging retailers and restauranteurs to provide a range of great tasting beer.

Enabling the increase of local beer supply through providing brewing systems that last for ages.

Reducing our environmental impact through using paper based labels and reduced water consumption brewing practices.

Owning our own brand and data. We use open source and secure website technologies. Our data centre is located in Geneva.