Not yet released 4.9 SRM 42.6 IBU 4.2 % ABV 20 L kegs

Batch information

Batch information
Batch ID180917
Brew numberAdd
Brew date17 Sep 2018
Available from08 Oct 2018 - 15 Oct 2018

Batch control

See the Brewing log for more details.
Batch control
Metric Estimated Measured % error
Pre-boil gravity (brix) 10.2 11.1 8.1 %
Original gravity (brix) 11.4 11.9 4.2 %
Final gravity (brix) 3.3 TBC
Average fermentation temperature (°C) 13 TBC

Quality control

All subjective tests were carried out by David at room temperature.

Quality control
Metric Estimated Measured Result Notes
Batch control percentage error < 8% TBC
Visual test The appearance is consistent with the recipe estimated SRM. Subjective TBC
Aromatic test 1. There are no off notes.
2. The aroma is consistent with the recipe hop additions.
Subjective TBC
Pour test 1. The product pours easily into a glass.
2. The carbonation is consistent with the recipe.
Subjective TBC
Taste test 1. There are no off flavours.
2. The taste is pleasant.
Subjective TBC

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